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How to turn off external hard disk

Win 7 Not Reading External Drive (with backup data)

Occasionally certain Files and/or Folders are not visible

External Hard Drive Constant Auto Play

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can't see files and folders on backup disk.

seagate wont show files

3.5 external hard disk vs 3.5 internal hard disk with enclosure?

No access to folder in external drive

Backed up with 3 disks

Hard disk making noise on particular location and unable to format it.

Checking Drives for errors and difference between portable and large

Question about deleting files on an external hd

External Hard Disk not being Detected (only on my machine)

Copying File From USB Drive to 2 Different Hard Disk. One is very slow

Problems with external HD

Trouble with External HDD

Import Pictures to NAS "Access Denied" Error Though User Has Access

Autoplay popup for ext. HDD on every boot

Hardisk to usb transfer rate is very slow

accessing non bootable NTFS partition/s on USB Hard Disk

Converting dvd installation to external hdd USB

USB cannot be removed

Is my External hard-drive faulty?

Windows 7 laptop no longer recognises external HDD

Can I use both internal HD and external HD as main?

Attempt backup to external hard drive

Windows tells me external HDD needs reformatting

Folder not accessible on external hard drive

Cannot see a folder for backup

Can you password protect files/external HD's

External Hard Drive ?

W7 recognize WD Eternal HDD but doesn't open and DIKSmgmt takes foreve

Malwarebytes on external hard drive

Cannot able to find my photos in my hard disk

USB Fail When Transferring Data To/From External Drives

External Drive can't access

External HDD: Works in WIN7

Only file visible on C: drive is something called END

Installation from USB HDD

External HDD backup files of unknown origin?

Safely removing USB External Hard Disk Drive

A problem with defining a new external Hard Disk

External hard disk became NTFS and is now inaccessible.

Can't Run CHKDSK on External HDD

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