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HDMI on HD4670/Win7-64 = Black Screen on Start-Up! (works on XP-SP3?)

Repair disk doesnt boot. 10 second blank screen > Normal boot-up.

black screen on boot with igpu and discrete garphics enabled!

Dark monitor geforce GT440(after going to desktop with dark wallpaper)

BSOD after updating Video Drivers (Crimson 16.4.1 Win7)

1 min. Blackscreen between Windows Splashscreen and Login

Black screen w/ cursor at startup

BSOD/black screen windows 7 x64

Slow Black Welome Screen

Black screen crashes while gaming

Black screen after installed additional 2TB drive

Black screen soon after the installation of windows 7 homepremium.

Random Black Screen Crashes

Monitor shuts down before Windows 7 finishes loading

black screen

After Update My Computer Got A Black Screen! With No Image!

Win 7 - Monitor blanks during recovery/chkdsk

Windows wont boot up - Blank screen with cursor.

Bsod loading into windows/blackscreen @"windows starting"

Black Screen w/Installation

Starting Up Black Screen

installing win 7 blank screen after set up nvidia ion graphics hdmi

New upgrade to windows 7 and black screen . How to change resolution.

Black screen while gaming

Blank screen on boot up

Black Screen of death before login

Restarts with black screen/white cursor (non-blinking)

Computer Freezes And A black acreen after restart.

Windows 7 randomly hangs and restarts by itself. Screen goes blank

Updated graphics drivers - can't see screen or enter safe mode etc

Black screen after loggging with active cursor.

Black screen with cursor. Will not boot to HD or load setup disk.

BSOD on Acer Aspire 7552G

Black Screen of Death on start up when upgrading from Vista to 7

black "blank" screen upon boot up

black screen with moveable cursor

black monitor on boot

Windows 7 Ultimate Black screen with Cursor

Crash to Black Screen

LCD Black out?

Monitor goes black after Windows 7 loading screen

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